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Alice in Wonderland Characters

The characters that Lewis Carroll created for Wonderland are some of the most well-known
and beloved characters in all of fiction. Who wouldn’t immediately recognise Alice in her
powder-blue dress, the grin of the Cheshire cat, or the immediate danger of a swift
beheading when face to face with the Queen of Hearts?

For over 150 years, these books of bravery, curiosity, and identity have entertained and
delighted children and adults alike. The characters are unlike any you would find in
conventional novels or children's stories, but that’s no wonder considering their absurd
world. Let’s take a closer look at these enigmatic characters and see what makes them so

At the centre of the story, we find Alice. No more than seven years old in the first book –her
age changes in subsequent retellings and films–, the central plot revolves around this
curious little girl travelling to a world beyond her understanding. There she has to make her
way out while finding her identity, battling the absurdities of life, and coming face to face with
the perils of authority.

What makes this story so special is the range of increasingly erratic characters she meets
along the way. While there are some who mean her harm, the vast majority are neutral
towards Alice or help her in some way. Some of the more notable characters she encounters
include the Cheshire Cat, a mysterial cat that can appear and disappear at will, leaving
nothing other than his famous grin behind; the Mad Hatter, a man driven to madness after
being abandoned by time itself and destined to host a never-ending tea party for himself and
his friends; the million-year-old hookah-smoking Caterpillar who helps Alice solve the
problem of only being three inches tall with the help of a magical mushroom (No! Not that
kind!); Tweedledum & Tweedledee, twins with a habit of reciting poetry; The White Rabbit,
always running ‘late for a date’; and the Queen of Hearts, arguably the most feared ruler in
fiction who loves nothing more than a quick beheading.

This is only a small taste of some of the characters you’ll get to meet in Wonderland. Their
roles in fiction cannot be understated, as they’ve remained popular and relevant since the
1870s, and scholar upon scholar has written books and theses about their meaning and

To find out more about these characters, their roles in the story, and the ways that they’ve
been brought to life in books, films, and on stage, follow our blog posts about the Alice in
Wonderland series. If you’d like to meet the characters for yourself, book yourself a ticket for
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